The Boma France Campfire is the place where experts and avant-gardists gather to remake the world together.

Invitation only


What if?

FROM JUNE 30 TO JULY 1, 2019


The world changes quickly, radically, abruptly. We know it. We talk about it. But what are we doing to be part of it? At a time when everything is changing because of machines and digital technologies, we need to carefully consider the future that we want to bring to life. At Boma, we are committed to turning ideas into action. Easy to say? That's right! But we propose that you do the same. Really!

At Boma, we are committed to turning ideas into action. Sound easy? It is. And you could join the movement. We could start together. For two days and one night, we will meet with 200 other changemakers to recharge our batteries with new ideas, share surprising experiences, and start new projects together. We will catch our breath and give meaning to our actions. We will work together to create a more positive vision for society in an open setting with innovators from all sectors.


The place

Campus St-Just Châteauform'

Access by invitation

2.400 € (VAT excl.)



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Join the Campfire

Join the Campfire and dive into an immersive experience, one that will give you access to innovative visions and the tools and knowledge needed to connect them to your most important projects.

By deploying Ideate by Boma and Action Surge training methodologies, you’ll learn how to decode the drivers of change — how to anticipate and embrace the emerging possibilities. Ultimately, we will use our collective intelligence to identify all of the potential futures to stay one step ahead.




Imagine alternative visions of the future in order to better withstand and prepare for them, regardless of tomorrow’s utopian or dystopian outcomes.



Identify the most disruptive technological, economic, sociocultural, environmental, and political actors of the avant-garde.



Get prepared by imagining different future worlds that you may need to consider in your life or in your business strategy.


Step 1


Go into the unknown, far from your experience and understanding.

To invent new solutions, you have to know how to ask disturbing questions, compare your knowledge with others, and let yourself be guided by your curiosity, that is, by everything you don't know. No challenge can resist dialogue and collective intelligence.


Step 2


Dream the impossible, without any constraint.

Here, everyone outlines the world they want to see realized. It is a phase of exploring possibilities and gaining inspiration, of listening to others’ ideas and desires. Several worlds are stretching out their arms to us, but we will have to give them life.


Step 3


Return to reality, to our personal and professional lives, to here and now.

We have seen tomorrow. Now, we can determine the actions that need to be taken to change the course of events in the short, medium, and long term.


Step 4

ACT ON your vision

Act, without further delay.

In a final workshop, each person will develop an individual roadmap to undertake, and they will take a step towards creating the future that they want to live in.


Our Speakers



Best-selling author, Founding Executive Director of Singularity University and Co-founder and Chairman of OpenExO

Salim Ismail

The future will be owned by this new breed of Exponential Organizations

Salim Ismail is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations - required reading at the world's top Organizations. Salim is a sought-after strategist and a renowned technology entrepreneur who built and sold his company to Google. He was Founding Executive Director at Singularity University (2008-2010) and has been their Global Ambassador for the last seven years.

Salim shares jaw-dropping insight on how companies can leverage technology and strategy to grow 10 times faster than their peers. He turns cutting edge ideas into thriving startups and applies leading-edge thinking to invigorate industries.


Co-founder, Action Surge

Steve Garguilo

SURGE, or the methodology to move from idea to action!

Thoughtful instigator, creator, speaker and coach, Steve Garguilo works with people from all walks of life from all over the world to help them make their ideas happen. He led the revolution to transform the culture of the 5th largest company in the world by instigating and shaping a grassroots movement at Johnson & Johnson that engaged 23,000 employees and led to countless stories of product and people development.

Steve’s groundbreaking programs are known for being incredibly engaging and highly immersive and interactive. Net Promoter Scores for his programming range from +86 to +100. He has lived all over the world and has spoken at TED and TEDx events across the globe in the United States, Switzerland, Brazil, Scotland, Tunisia, and Lithuania.


Head of The Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Pr. Tal Dvir

Printing 3D organs from human tissues, the future of medicine?

Tal Dvir is a Professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He obtained his Ph.D degrees from the faculty of Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. His Ph.D research focused on cardiac tissue engineering and regeneration.  Tal continued his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof. Robert Langer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT. Tal was recruited by the Department of Biotechnology and the Center for Nanotechnology at Tel Aviv University to establish the Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

Currently, Tal’s laboratory designs and develops smart bio and nanomaterials and technologies for engineering complex tissues, such as the heart, brain, spinal cord, intestine, eyes and more. Recently the lab developed a new concept in tissue engineering, where engineered tissues are integrated with nano and microelectronics to control their function. Additionally, the lab has recently published a technology to 3D-print human hearts.


Head of Kasper Moth-Poulsen Research Group

Kasper Moth-Poulsen

A liquid fuel with the ability to store the Sun's energy for 18 years?

Kasper Moth-Poulsen is a professor in Nanomaterials Chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. His research interests are focused on emission free solar energy storage technologies. Prof. Moth-Poulsen graduated from University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and worked as a post doctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley (California) before moving to Sweden in 2011.

He has received several prestigious grants and awards, including an ERC Starting Grant, a K&A Wallenberg fellow grant and a future research leaders grant from the Swedish Strategic Research Foundation.


Engineer and inventor

Bertrand Duplat

How I invented a therapeutic micro-robot capable of acting inside our brain

Engineer and inventor specializing in robeautics and 3D, Bertrand Duplat has applied for over 30 patents over the years. After a few years of academic research in robotics at McGill in Montréal, Canada, he cofounded and managed Virtools, developper of a graphical prototyping tools for 3D interactivity, based on assembling individual behavior building-blocks, in video games and virtual reality. Virtools was later acquired by Dassault Systèmes. In 2014-2015, he co-designed and built an archeological ordered by the ScanPyramids mission - mission who discovered several unknown cavities in Khufu, The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

He, then, initiated the Robeauté project -after about six year of maturation- with a fantastic multidisciplinary team and international collaborations to develop a therapeutic micro-neurosurgical platform targeting the brain centered around a submillimetric microrobot.


Founder & CEO, Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd.

Mitch Hunter-Scullion

What if the asteroids around the Earth were the gold mines of the future?

Mitch Hunter-Scullion is a pioneering extraterrestrial economist, broadcaster and registered political lobbyist for the space mining industry. One of the youngest CEOs in the space industry having founded the Asteroid Mining Corporation in his university bedroom; he has grown AMC into a globally dominant force in the Space Mining sector.

As Asteroid Mining has the potential to radically alter all facets of soceity; Mitch is also a Member of The Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group; where he works to develop an international legal framework for the Space Mining sector to ensure that the industry is grown in an ethical and sustainable manner. Mitch is motivated by the fundamental situationist truth that if you really want to do something you have to start now; today. Tomorrow is always too late.


Data Scientist at Open Mind Innovation

Raphaëlle Bertrand-Lalo

Stress and cognitive abilities? How could technology improve us?

Raphaëlle Bertrand-Lalo is an engineer, a graduate of the Ecole Centrale (Nantes), and holds a Master 2 in Cognitive Science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris). Raphaëlle is a genius of math and machine learning, specialized in signal analysis, including brain signals. Raphaëlle has specialized in brain-machine interfaces; by developing a remote control by thinking to empower a paralyzed person at Nantes University Hospital, training the attention of hyperactive children at Lyon's INSERM, computational models on implicit learning and classification of consciousness levels of people with coma at NCAN (National Central for Adaptive Neurotechnologies), Albany, NY.

Raphaëlle is above all a humanist, determined and passionate about mathematics and cognitive neuroscience and all the means to implement them to develop services that will improve human life.


CEO, Open Mind Innovation

Guillaume Victor-Thomas

Stress and cognitive abilities? How could technology improve us?

Guillaume Victor-Thomas is one of the European pioneers of neurotechnologies. Open Mind Innovation is a team of 20 specialists in psychology, mindfulness, game design, user experience, design, mobile games, including 9 PhDs in data-science, cognitive and social neuroscience, virtual reality and musicology. They observe you in virtual reality to better understand your reactions in stressful situations, choose the soft-skills that will develop your career or check if you do not suffer from a psycho-pathology.

The startup is currently testing an AI coach whose role is to reverse the harmful effects of technology on your work and has a long-term vision to improve your mental health.



Philippe Marlière

How can xenobiology help us save our natural ecosystems?

Philippe Marlière is a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur in biotechnology. He is one of the French pioneers in the field of synthetic biology for the re-programming of the metabolism and evolution of the organism. The modification of microorganisms in their chemical composition is the guide to the work he carried out first at the Pasteur Institute, then from 1999 onwards in collaboration with the French sequencing centre, Genoscope, with the Genopole, and within the companies he later founded.

He has been the research director of the Genopole's Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (iSSB) since 2009. In a xenobiology manifesto published in 2009, it promotes the artificiality of synthetic forms of life as a means of understanding and preserving natural ecosystems.


Primavera de Filippi

How can we explore and experiment with new modes of governance?

Primavera is a researcher at CERSA (a joint unit of the CNRS and the University of Paris II) and an associate researcher at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. His research focuses on the legal issues raised by Blockchain technology and how these technologies can be used to develop new governance models.

Primavera obtained her doctorate from the European University Institute in Florence. She is the co-founder of the Blockchain Technology Working Group (COALA) within the International Internet Governance Forum (IGF).



Caroline Brandao

What will be the face of the war of the future?

Caroline Brandao is Head of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Unit at the French Red Cross. After a career in the Army as a lawyer, she joined the French Red Cross in 2007. In addition to her field missions with the International Red Cross Movement (Azerbaijan, Israel, Georgia, Estonia and South Africa), she teaches the law of armed conflict. A graduate of the University of Montreal in Canada and the Kurt Bösh University Institute in Switzerland, she is conducting scientific research on new weapons technologies at the University of Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-la-Défense and at the Institut de recherche stratégique de l'École militaire until 2015.

She has co-authored legal books with French and foreign specialists in scientific, legal and ethical issues in robotics (Drones and killer robots: Should they be banned? in 2015), with the support of the Saint-Cyr Foundation, then in 2018 in the Cahiers de la Revue Défense Nationale.



Mehdi Moussaïd

Fouloscopy: What does the crowd say about us?

First a computer engineer and then a doctor of human ethology, Mehdi Moussaïd has been passionate about the scientific study of crowd behaviour for twelve years.

Panic and jostling, social networks, the spread of rumours and information, collective intelligence: this highly applied discipline aims to understand the mechanisms of displacement, emotions and the opinion of the crowd. Today a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, he is the winner of the Le Monde de la recherche prize and the author of "Fouloscopie : Ce que la foule dit de nous" published in January 2019 by HumenSciences.


Captain of Gaïactica spaceship

Dorian Tourin-Lebret

Dive into immersive scenarios to imagine the future of our planet

A passionate multi-entrepreneur, Dorian Tourin-Lebret has put her engineering education and energy of action to work for the energy and environment sectors for 10 years at the helm of the Smart Impulse startup. He then chose to pursue his path by combining technological innovation, playfulness and social and environmental impact around a new project, Gaïactica, a scientific escape game on the theme of climate change, which will open in September 2019 at Cap Sciences, Bordeaux.

These experiences also led him to meet Yann Arthus-Bertrand for whom he designed two immersive edutainment experiments on the theme of energy savings.


Deputy Director in charge of scientific development at CEEBIOS

Laura Magro

All possible futures are already around us, in nature !

A graduate engineer and doctor of ESPCI Paris and UPMC, Laura Magro cultivates a multidisciplinary scientific approach focused on societal issues. Through a specialization in microfluidics, she develops on projects at the physical-chemistry-biology interface during academic and industrial experiments. Her thesis work, rewarded with a L'Oréal-UNESCO scholarship of excellence, focused on the development of low-cost medical diagnostic devices adapted to the Guinean context.

This expertise in frugal innovation as a vector of solidarity has led her to focus on the opportunities offered by biomimicry to meet current environmental challenges.


Co-founder & CEO, Boma Global

Lara Stein

The power and importance of communities

Lara Stein is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boma Global. Prior to Founding Boma, Lara was the Executive Director of Women’s March Global, where she built the Women's March Global platform and oversaw all Women's March initiatives outside of the US. Stein also recently acted as the Executive Director of MIT ReACT, a new institute-wide organization at MIT dedicated to developing a global educational platform for displaced populations and refugees. Previously Ms. Stein was MD Global Development at Singularity University. Ms. Stein was responsible for Singularity University's global expansion and implementation vision and strategy. Prior to her time at SU, Lara was the founder and director of the TEDx program at the TED Conferences.

In 2007, she lead the effort to bring TED to the world by developing a program that granted free licenses to third parties to organize independent TED-like events.


Co-founder & CEO, Boma France

Michel Levy Provençal

Event moderator

Michel Levy Provençal is the founder of the first European TEDx conference, TEDxParis. He co-founded Rue89, the French amateur info site, Joshfire, the first Internet agency for objects in France, BRIGHTNESS, the specialist in supporting public speaking, L'Echappée Volée, the event that puts innovation at the service of the common good and Boma, the global network dedicated to impact innovation. 

Michel is also a speaker at Sciences Po, a recurring columnist at Les Echos and the Huffington Post.




June 30


The arrival

Discover the castle, check-in and welcome drink.

17:00 — 17:45

Session 1: Moving into the unknown

Meeting with the future Bomaians, discovery of the philosophy and methodology of the event

18:00 — 20:00

Session 2: Dreaming the impossible
Keynotes, Q&A, Débat

→ The revolution in resources & life

20:30 — …

Boma Night

Aperitif, dinner & live performances


July 1st

07:00 — 8:30

Sports & cognitive awakening

08:45 — 10:00

Session 3: Back to reality
Keynotes, Q&A, Debate, Workshops

→ Embracing the cognitive revolution

10:30 — 12:00

Session 4: Acting on our scale
Keynotes, Q&A, Debate, Workshops

→ Reinventing our governance methods

12:30 — 14:00


14:00 — 15:30

Workshop IDEATE by Boma

The workshop that invites you to imagine possible future scenarios for your business sector.

15:45 — 17:30


Create your roadmap and implement solutions applicable in the short, medium and long term.

17:30 — 18:15

Farewell Drink


Good To Know


The place

Campus St-Just Châteauform'

The date

From June 30 to July 1, 2019


The audience

200 transformation leaders

Access by invitation

2.400 € (VAT excl.)



The Boma Campfire is the annual event of the Boma France community (originally L'Echappée Volée). Lasting 2 days, it takes place 40 km from Paris, in residence, in the heart of nature and disconnected from everyday life.

Bringing together 200 business leaders, founders, technologists, artists, philosophers, and scientists in residence, the Boma Campfire has existed for five years and offers a unique experience at the intersection of a number of disciplines. It’s a fun and immersive moment dedicated to those who are committed to creating positive change.

All year

The Boma community is present on five continents. In France, it brings together a community of 25,000 people who participate in various activities. The heart of the community meets regularly within Club Boma France.  Several intimate events offer points of contact throughout the year in the form of breakfasts or dinners.

Boma also offers a series of video and audio podcasts as well as a regular newsletter to follow emerging topics, to allow everyone to act on their own scale and to join a collective committed to innovation for the common good. Boma France is operated and hosted by Brightness.


7 reasons to attend




In less than two days, discover the next major innovations that will have a positive impact and will transform your sector.





Understand the impact that technological and societal changes will have on your business or organization.





Enjoy memorable moments where you can learn through experience and play.





Imagine and co-create your future products and services in a unique atmosphere with 200 members from different companies.





Meet the experts of the Boma network and discuss the challenges and solutions of the future.





Connect to the world's most innovative communities.





Treat yourself to a unique opportunity for your team to create networks and build your strategy for tomorrow together.


At the heart of the events



What if?
Château St-Just

Invitation only



Exponential Happiness?
Domaine des Fontaines




Renaissance Digitale
Château de Chambord




Expectations & Reality
La Seine Musicale




Rêver, Oser, Changer
Domaine des Fontaines




De l’idée à l’action
Château de Méry



Invitation only


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